Our Design

Fast and Friendly
for weary traveler

QFTA was designed in a way that immediately conveys modernism and charisma. The base materials are light smooth timber and concrete – two textures that create a sense of urbanism, ideal for the Downtown area.

A range of blue tonals, inspired by the waters of the Mediterranean, add color and interest to the design.

And energy and personality is conveyed through the blue speckled terrazzo tiles, quirky neon signs, blue glass lights and the playful Lucky Eye, which features in a variety of ways from branding to materials.

Our Food Offering

QFTA will always feature at least 4 kinds of kafta – a lamb, beef, chicken or turkey – as well as a low-fat and a vegetarian version in the form of falafel. In addition, special kaftas will feature regularly, adding dynamism and allowing us to test flavor profiles.

Once customers choose a kafta, they then choose how they would like it served. Options include our own hybrid bun – a cross between a pita and a bread roll; a classical bread wrap; gluten-free and lettuce wraps for the health conscious; or simply on a plate with sides and sauce.

As the kafta comes off the grill, the customer can then choose, from a visible passe, a selection of vegetables, condiments and sauces. Sides include shoestring fries, which can be dusted with one of three fresh seasonings; two types of fresh chopped salad and mini pots of hummus with vegetable sticks or lavash triangles for dipping.


The sweet finish comes in the form of our own pre-packaged and frozen kunafa cones filled with Nutella or Rosewater Booza. 

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